Triple P.O.V. Storyboarding

Students are working on a project that involves multiple stakeholders, whose needs must all be taken into consideration after having created service design concepts. 

To stimulate students to think through different points of view, they are asked to create three storyboards, each for the most important stakeholders. Students are asked to first start with the most important stakeholders and think through the envisioned service interactions blow by blow.

Students then are instructed to assess at what moments, the secondary and tertiary stakeholders need to be involved, or are needed to enable interactions for the primary stakeholders. Using this analysis as prompts, students then draw story boards  for secondary and tertiary stakeholders.

Following, students are asked to draw out the relationships, dependencies and enablers between the three points of view storyboards.

Using quick and dirty thumbnail drawings for their storyboarding, students exercise their visual thinking competency. The three different points of view to be addressed challenge students to think systemically. Using the triple points of view storyboarding, students need to think about service design touch points and interactions above and below the service line of visibility

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