Form Development

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Developing meaningful and aesthetic form solutions through a deep, tactile understanding of materials, structure, and semiotics. The ability to integrate new form-drivers, e.g. new materials, manufacturing requirements.

Case Studies

  • Circular Design for Recovery

    Circular Design for Recovery

    Ulla Reabild Design School Kolding, BA Fashion & Textiles We teach circularity, but how to understand circularity as something outside resistance full loop models? The fashion industry claims circularity is possible through regenerating fibers. What might that entail from a design or from a manufacturing perspective? And how can we influence the recovery process throughContinue…

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  • Packaging Design Week 1, day 1, hour 1

    Packaging Design Week 1, day 1, hour 1

    Eric O’Toole Pratt Institute, MS Packaging, Identities, and Systems Fall 2021 This exercise was designed for first year, first semester graduate students. Each student was provided with a bottle, a container, a clamshell and other complex, but mundane packages. These were all common objects, void of any applied graphics. The students were brought through aContinue…

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  • Global Artisan

    Global Artisan

    Yvonne Watson Parsons School of Design, BFA Fashion Design I developed and teach a class called ‘Global Artisan’ (The alternative Supply Chain). Pre-pandemic I offered the students an opportunity for an in-field study experience. We worked together with a women’s’ textile cooperative in Cuso, Peru, with the aim to have the students support the co-opContinue…

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