Rovaniemi 2019 – Paper Presentation and workshop

On the last day of the conference Dr John Fass, Prof. Job Rutgers, and Mo-Ling Chui ran a four hour workshop in the context of the Art and Design Teacher Education and Pedagogy Cumulus Working Group convened by Prof. Martti Raevaara. There were over 30 participants from all over the world from BA lecturers up to Dean and President level. One of the key aims of our participation at Cumulus 2019 was to engage collaborators in the wider project of competency based design education curricula and how they may be globally resourced with case studies. Official Cumulus working groups have access to funding for dissemination and we propose to use this funding to publish a series of reports. These reports will detail how different competencies are used around the world in design education settings. The final part of the workshop involved participants committing to provide details and examples of how a single competency is described, delivered and evidenced in design work.

The competencies discovered and described include:

Creative navigation: The ability to design in uncertain and unknown contexts.

Embodied Reasoning: The ability to consider non-verbal/visual process in design.

Hacking Past-Present-Future:: The ability to account for the historicity of design practice.

Post-Empathy: The ability to see beyond human affective capacities.

Facilitation: The ability to engage diverse audiences and participants.

Managing Relationships: The ability to negotiate differing opinions and cultures.

Sense Abilities: The ability to centre design work around sensory exploration.

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