Critical Thinking

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Being able to challenge assumptions, preconceptions, and received opinions about the role design could play in the everyday life of identified possible and preferable futures.

Case Studies

  • Beautiful Strangeness

    Beautiful Strangeness

    Jana Macalik Toronto Metropolitan University, BA Interior Design 4th Year In this full-term project, fourth year interior design students were tasked to developed an exhibition about a global issue that they cared enough about to educate or expose others to.  The aim of project was for students to explore design within the context of socialContinue…

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  • Alternative Futures

    Alternative Futures

    Hazal Gumus Ciftci Arizona State University ‘Wearable Technologies for Well Being’ is a project for which the students first gather trends and imagine futures, to then set limitations and criteria for design development. The project invites students to critically think about emerging technologies and the future, as students are expected to develop an understanding ofContinue…

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  • Homegrown


    Pantawat Tongrod University of Cincinnati, MA Design Y1 Process The industrial Design studio called ‘Homegrown’ exposes students to the design process from research to ideation all the way to small batch production. The studio allows students with the flexibility to work at their own pace but also pushes them to plan for their own timeline,Continue…

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  • Senses and Empathy

    Senses and Empathy

    Tarmo Karhu Turku University of Applied Sciences, Design Engineering, 1st year In a user-centered design course, students were given an exercise to better understand their experiences of different senses and develop their capacity for empathy. Students were being organized in three-person groups and instructed to plan and visualize a route that takes them around differentContinue…

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