Beautiful Strangeness

Jana Macalik

Toronto Metropolitan University, BA Interior Design 4th Year

In this full-term project, fourth year interior design students were tasked to developed an exhibition about a global issue that they cared enough about to educate or expose others to. 

The aim of project was for students to explore design within the context of social change. Students were challenged to develop their own opinion, to develop a narrative and from this position. design an exhibition experience. The design process started with the students finding and reviewing several books and use their insights to develop an interpretive plan. This then formed the foundation of concept design and design development of the exhibition.

In this project, students developed a capacity for critical thinking through literature review, judiciously analyzing and synthesizing insights from the book review.  In order to be able to educate others through the exhibition design, students had to first develop an awareness of global social issues before they were able to take a position (or stance) from which conceptual designs were derived.

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