Visual Design Development

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The ability to iteratively develop 2D visual designs in response to a design brief. Visual designs include graphical form development, composition, layout, image sourcing / creation, colors, typography, contrast.

Case Studies

  • Marks to Meaning

    Marks to Meaning

    Paige Williams Art Academy of Cincinnatti, 1st Year Experience BA This is a project for a first-year communication experience design course. The students were asked to first create 50  squares of 4’  x 4’ as source materials.  For 25 squares, students were instructed to draw marks in as many ways, with as many different materialsContinue…

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  • Fear & (C) loathing

    Fear & (C) loathing

    Ellen McCartney California Inst. of the Arts, BFA 1 Experience Design & Production Design Year 1 n a class titled Fear and (C)loathing, students explore five topics that trigger emotional reactions, and those responses are being expressed throughout the creation of a dress. The topics they explore are War and Sports, Biological and Artificial, Spiritual,Continue…

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