Process Awareness

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The ability of a designer to work effectively within and across a design project’s process stages, workflow, methods, tools, rules, roles & responsibilities, all aligned towards agreed project outcomes.

Case Studies

  • Marks to Meaning

    Marks to Meaning

    Paige Williams Art Academy of Cincinnatti, 1st Year Experience BA This is a project for a first-year communication experience design course. The students were asked to first create 50  squares of 4’  x 4’ as source materials.  For 25 squares, students were instructed to draw marks in as many ways, with as many different materialsContinue…

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  • Homegrown


    Pantawat Tongrod University of Cincinnati, MA Design Y1 Process The industrial Design studio called ‘Homegrown’ exposes students to the design process from research to ideation all the way to small batch production. The studio allows students with the flexibility to work at their own pace but also pushes them to plan for their own timeline,Continue…

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