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Pragmatic Thinking

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Thinking pragmatically means making decisions based on available evidence towards applied outcomes. A pragmatic thinker is guided by practical considerations, what is immediately and realistically understandable or implementable.

Case Studies

  • Packaging Design Week 1, day 1, hour 1

    Eric O’Toole Pratt Institute, MS Packaging, Identities, and Systems Fall 2021 This exercise was designed for first year, first semester graduate students. Each student was provided with a bottle, a container, a clamshell and other complex, but mundane packages. These were all common objects, void of any applied graphics. The students were brought through aContinue…

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  • Stakeholder Mapping

    In a two-semester long capstone project students define, develop and deliver a full design project. Once students have defined the project aim, they are asked to identify all the stakeholders whose needs and interests must be considered in the research phase of the project.  This is often challenging for the  students as they have focusedContinue…

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