Cumulus Conference Kolding

Cumulus Conference Kolding

Design School Kolding
1 June 2017

We presented a conference paper, and ran a hands-on, participative workshop designed to map competencies across diverse design programs around the world at Cumulus in Kolding, Denmark. The people who participated were from over 30 different design schools around the world, representing various design disciplines from interaction design, product design, graphic design to textiles design.

Using a table top map flags

In the workshop, we first asked everyone to stick a flag into the competencies visualized on a large poster that their various programs and courses concentrated in. If no category was suitable, or they had extra competencies that were not shown on the matrix, they could add their own. At the end of this exercise it was possible to see how the broad domain areas of; product design, graphic and interaction design, and design management were fruitful starting points.

Creating program specific matrices

At the second stage there was much discussion about where to place individual pins but the overallaims were clear. Participants were then placed into discipline-oriented groupsand asked to generate matrices for themselves as individuals and for the programs and courses they taught on. The workshop concluded with a discussion on meta competencies, higher order design learning outcomes and how these could be architected into design curricula.