AIGA Minneapolis

AIGA Minneapolis

Future of Design
13 Octiber 2017

AIGA organized a series of curriculum workshops around the theme of ‘the designer of 2025’ and asked DCF to host a workshop and demonstrate the design competency matrix methodology. This workshop included about a hundred design educators, mostly from across the North American continent.

Setting up the stage

In first activity we got participants to use the matrix to think about their courses and students; then they turned their attention to themselves in order to reflect on their own competencies. This enabled participants to appreciate the rational for how and when this is being used, and to set up their thinking for the next exercise.

The future design competencies

For the second activity, out DCF team provided the participants with a series of tangible probes, to stimulate their imagination about the possible futures our design students will operate in. Using these stimuli, participants created a future landscape of design education and identified new competencies needed and how to integrate these in existing curricula.