Co-design collaboration process

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Involve end users at all stages of the innovation process (e.g. in co-analysis of needs, co-creation of concepts) in workshop sessions centered on the premise that people are experts in their own experiences.

Case Studies

  • Visualization + idea generation

    Visualization + idea generation

    Archana Surana ARCH College of Design, Foundation Course in Art / Design. A six-week module was fast tracked in two weeks. I made it into a collaborative project with a treasure hunt of talent in the neighborhood. Foundation level students had to present their understanding of the talents they had found in the neighborhood inContinue…

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  • Global Artisan

    Global Artisan

    Yvonne Watson Parsons School of Design, BFA Fashion Design I developed and teach a class called ‘Global Artisan’ (The alternative Supply Chain). Pre-pandemic I offered the students an opportunity for an in-field study experience. We worked together with a women’s’ textile cooperative in Cuso, Peru, with the aim to have the students support the co-opContinue…

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